Corvin Castle sets new records


Corvin Castle in Hunedoara set some records both on visiting tourists and also on returns.

The famous Romanian castle managed to cash over EUR 1 M from selling tickets, thus boasting as one of the most important taxpayers at the local budget.

Statistics reveal that last year the castle from Hunedoara was visited by 287.000 tourists, a record figure in its entire history. Most of the visitors came to see the castle in July and August, when a flow of 115,000 people was registered per month.

According to the castle’s director, the expectation is that 330,000 tourists should have visited the historical monument by the end of 2016.

“It’s not a secret that we had a very good touristic year. Returns from the tickets sales exceeded EUR 1 M,” said Hunedoara Mayor, Viorel Arion.

The Corvin Castle, also known as the Hunyad castle, aims at attracting more EU funds in an attempt to implement a new restoration project worth EUR 10 M. The revamping initiative is meant to offer tourists accommodation perspectives inside the castle and in the surrounding area.

You can find unusual facts about the castle here.

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