Crete and Zakynthos top Romanian tourists’ holiday destinations in August

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Three in five Romanian tourists spending their summer holiday abroad chose the Greek islands as their travel destination, reads a stud by Paravion online travel agency. The allotted budget is EUR 600 per person.

“Crete and Zakynthos top the tourists’ preferences in August, the company’s sales for these destinations are on the rise by 25% compared to last year. 60% of the Romanian tourists booking vacation abroad this summer chose the packages available in Crete and Zakynthos. Most of the stays in these islands, namely 45%, have been bought by last minute offers in July,” reads the travel agency’s press release.

Romanians spend an average of EUR 600 per person, which includes the air-travel tickets, transport from the airport to the hotel and half-board accommodation.

Among the most important sights in Crete there are the Minos Palace in Knossos, the most important archaeological site on the island, Rethymno town, also named Greece’s Venice or Elafonisi, the most beautiful beach in southwestern island.

According to the study, the tourists who have booked vacations in Zakynthos, dubbed as the southern Venice or “The Levant’s Flower” can visit the island’s capital, Navagio beach, one of the most exquisite in Greece, as well as Keri grottos, also named the blue caves, mostly searched for the tourists avid for snorkeling.

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