Discover the “Little Switzerland”, the newest ski area in Romania

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Șureanu is the newest ski area in Romania, and is located in the Șureanu Mountains in Alba county, also known as Sebeș mountains, actually 82 kilometers away from the city of Sebeș. The slopes are surrounded by an amazing landscape, while their upgrades are ongoing. Moreover, giving the high altitude, the skiers can enjoy natural snow.sureanu cabana

Perched at an altitude of about 2,000 meters at the border between Alba County and Hunedoara County, the ski resort here comprising ten ski slopes (spreading on about 10 kilometers) was deservedly dubbed the “Little Switzerland” of Romania.

The prices for the cable lifts for the 2015-2016 winter season are: 1 ride / chairlift: RON 10; 1 day ski pass: 85 Lei for adults, 80 Lei for children; 1 hour ski pass: 25 Lei for adults, 20 Lei for children; 2 hours ski pass: 45 Lei for adults, 40 Lei for children; 1/2 day ski pass: 65 Lei for adults, 60 Lei for children.

You can warm up by some hot wine or hot chocolate. As for accommodation, there four units near the ski slopes, in Poarta Raiului area, with a night stay ranging from RON 100 to RON 200.

You can access the area by car on the Sebes – Sugag – Oasa – Ski runs route, about 82 km. You can get in the resort by bus as well, on the Alba Iulia – Sebes – Sureanu route. The ski season usually lasts from December to April.

However, this spectacular mountain range, extending over 1,585 square kilometers, while dazzling when covered in blinding white snow, welcomes visitors at any time of the year, luring them with colorful meadows, refreshing springs that remain ice-cold even at the height of summer, spectacular caves, emerald lakes, stunning gorges, and the ruins of no less than seven Dacian citadels – including Sarmisegetusa Regia – and three medieval fortifications.

Oasa Monastery is also a sight that should not be missed. A monastery for monks, it is located on a exquisite site just nearby Oasa Lake. There are currently over 20 monks living in the monastery, some of them being foreigners who gave up their comfortable Western lifestyle and jobs in exchange for serenity hidden on top of Șureanu Mountains.

Photo credit: Adrian Petrisor
Photo credit: Adrian Petrisor

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