EUR 4.5m to revive one of the most beautiful places on the seaside

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Belona Lake from Eforie seaside resort will be revamped to enter again into the tourist circuit. The lake area will be upgraded to be used as a travel spot for tourists visiting the Black Sea shore. Pedestrian alleys, bike tracks and wells will be set up around the lake. The investment mounts to EUR 4.5 million, with 85% originating from European funds.

Belona Lake, stretching on an area of 52,104 square meters, with a surrounding area of 17,000 sqm is currently in decay.

According to the rehabilitation project, the lake will be cleared, the shores will be fortified, some reed areas will be stubbed and the lake water will be freshened up and oxygenated. A promenade area will be set up with lighted pedestrian alleys surrounding the lake and with a pontoon promenade being placed on the plot of land around the lake. Bike tracks, parking support for bicycles, wells and grass plots will be also added.

A belvedere-type metallic tower of 20m high will be built.

The total value of the project is about EUR 4.5 M, with 85% of the money being EU funds, 3% allotted from the state budget and 2 % from the Eforie City Hall. The estimated time of completion is 36 months.

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