Fagaras Mountains to become national park area, the “European Yellowstone”

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The Government gave green light for a new National Park in Fagaras Mountains, Romania. The Environment minister Cristina Palmer informed that the project is estimated to conclude in 2020, while inviting the NGOs to get involved as volunteers in this project, which might become the” European Yellowstone”.

The project to set up a national park in Fagaras will run during October 2016-2020. An inter-ministerial group will be set up coordinated by the Environment Ministry, which will propose NGOs, state and local authorities to team up for this project, News.ro reports.

Fagaras Mountains are the highest and most valuable mountains of the Southern Carpathians in Romania, stretching on an area of aprox. 2,000 square kilometers. Their new statute of national park would represent a perfect opportunity for the local sustainable economic growth to support communities and environment.

Moreover, by declaring the mountains as natural protected area an incredible rich natural capital could be preserved and protected for the generations to come.

Therefore the Fagaras Mountains National Park will represent the most important biodiversity store in the Carpathians, hosting 27 natural habitats, six species of mammals, 3 species of batrachians, 4 species of fish, 13 of invertebrate and 66 species of endemic plants. The mountains are also a major water reservoir and Romania’s largest wood area.

The government says that compared to the area/biodiversity richness report, the protected area of Fagaras mountains will turn into a real “European Yellowstone”.

The Fagaras Mountains bordered in the north by the Făgăraș Depression, through which the Olt River lows, and in the west by the Olt Valley (Valea Oltului). Most people wanting to hike on the Moldoveanu Peak (the highest in Fagaras- 2,544 m). Despite its name, Fagaras, located 20 km to the north, is not the nearest town to the mountain range. Other important cities are Brasov and Sibiu.

Fagaras Mountains are also hosting the famous alpine road, Transfagarasan, which is generally open only between June and September, due to unfavorable weather conditions in the rest of the year.

You can find many glacier lakes in the Făgăraș Mountains. Balea (2034 m, 46,508 m2, 11.35 m deep) is the largest lake. The highest lake is in the Hărtopul Leaotei glacial valley. The deepest glacial lake is Podragu (2140 m, 28,550 m2 15.5 m deep). Other lakes: Urlea (2170 m, 20,150 m2), Capra (2230 m, 18,340 m2).

The Fagaras Mountains are a very popular hiking, trekking and skiing destination in Romania. In the vicinity of the Negoiu, and in the central part of the band take the rocky nature of the mountains, and reaching the main ridge trail there are technical difficulties and exposure. Somewhat difficult part of the trail is a “Three steps from the death” running the main ridge by ridge Custura Arpaşului the lake (in Romanian Lacul) Capra (2,230 m). Also a bit challenging is one of the ways to Negoiu – Strunga Dracului. The most difficult section of the ridge Custura Sărăţii between Serbota (2,331 m above sea level) and Şaua Cleopatrei pass (2,355 m). At the root of the fire is under Serbota several meters of steel cable handrail, on the other part there are no artificial enhancements.

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  1. gheorghi says

    Yellowstone – the place is above a huge “caldera”, a super-volcano.
    The comparison is not a “happy” one.
    Is unique and deserves real respect.

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