Foreign tourists lured by Bucharest nightlife and pubs’ smoking access

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Foreign tourists who come to visit Bucharest are happy about the Romanian Capital’s nightlife and that they are allowed to smoke in all clubs and pubs, a manager of Cocktail Holidays, present at the ongoing Madrid Tourism Fair, told Mediafax. “The foreigners who come to Bucharest, especially Germans, Austrians, Swiss and Spaniards are thrilled by the city’s nightlife and by the fact smoking is allowed in every club or pub, thing which is not possible anymore in their countries,” Ana Goicea said.

She also revealed that foreigners are delighted with the cheap beer and the high number of clubs in the Old Center, where they can stay all night moving from one bar or restaurant to another. Foreign tourists are also valuing the Romanian traditional cuisine, with stuffed cabbage as one of their favorite dishes.

Romania is present at the Madrid Fair with a 175-square meter stall and with 27 exhibitors, among which travel agencies, hotels, airlines and local authorities.

The last annual statistics show that over 1.7 million foreign tourist visited Romania in 2013, most of them coming from Germany (228,000), Italy (181,000) and France (118,000).

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