French young lady touring Europe next to a donkey and a mule arrives in Timis


A 28-year-old photography avid French young lady, who began touring Europe in 2010, accompanied by her boyfriend, a donkey and a mule, arrived in Sannicolau Mare, Timis County on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the girl’s boyfriend had to return to his native country, but Morgan Lefevre carried on her journey, so that, on her way back home she made a stop in Romania, that the bold travel enthusiast described it as “an exquisite travel destination.”

Morgan, who visited Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria, arrived in the most western town of the country, Sannicolau Mare, where locals properly welcomed her with food and accommodation during the night.

“I decided to come to Romania as I have never been here before, it is an exquisite travel destination. Unfortunately I arrived here in winter, but what I have noticed so far is that people are extremely open, very nice and warm-hearted, your country is romantic, even poetical, nature is quite impressive. I took a lot of pictures (…),” the girl told Mediafax.

The young lady combines her passion for photography with writing, as she features travel articles for a French magazine from time to time. With the money earned this way she managed to proceed with her European journey.

Morgan also sent a message posted on Facebook by Sannicolau Mare City Hall.

“Don’t forget your dreams and do not ever let anyone stop you from your way by telling you are too young or too old, that you have children or other obligations. Do not look for excuses to draw you away from your dreams and remember that risking is not always danger.”

Morgan Lefevre will continue her way back to France on Wednesday, crossing Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. She estimated she would arrive back home by June.

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