Funny travel story on holiday in Maramureș earns UK tourist GBP 1,000

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The report of a funny story experienced by a British tourist during a trip to Maramureș, northern Romania, won a GBP 1,000 prize awarded during an annual contest organized by The Telegraph newspaper.

Flossie Baker’s report of an encounter with Romanian farmers – and their buckets of cheese – has earned her £1,000, thus making her the winner of the “Just Back” annual competition held by The Telegraph journalists. The prize was offered by the UK Post Office.

Flossie’s story was racing with other reports on US, Japan, Mexico, Ghana or the Amazonian jungle.

The village behind me had become a speck in the distance and the road ahead ran straight and empty through fields of fresh hay. The sound of my footsteps on the hot tarmac was interrupted by the stuttering of a struggling engine as a decrepit yellow car pulled up beside me.

I was in Maramureș, Romania, and the driver, an elderly man with huge hands and missing teeth, rolled down the window and elaborately gestured that I should get in. Judging by his endearing smile, his advanced years and the age of his vehicle, I concluded I wouldn’t be going anywhere fast, so, overriding the usual feelings of trepidation, I did,” the British traveller begins her story.

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