‘Gate to Heaven’, the magical place in Bucegi where fatigue suddenly disappears

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Several theories claim that on Bucegi Mountains Plateau in Romania, especially in the Omu Peak areal, there is the so-called ‘center of the Earth’, the very place where heaven meets the earth.

There are stories about rainbows during sunny days, strange lights, or the Energetic Pyramid’ around the Sphinx. The area that arouses most interest, however, is the ‘Gate to Heaven’ where fatigue disappears and the human body is wrapped in positive energy. Specialists say that we are dealing with the legendary place between heaven and earth. It’s about an area of ​​approximately one square kilometer, where there is an atypical magnetic anomaly, an area which has beneficial effects on the human body.

According to the experienced mountain lovers, the ‘Gate to Heaven’ would be located at the foot of Doamnele Mountain, on the way from Pestera to Doamnele. Another version says that the magical place would be on the route to Omu Chalet – Pestera, also on Doamnele Mountain‘ crest. Some say there is a perfect Pythagorean triangle formed by Omu and Caraiman Peaks next to the Old Lady (Batrana). Even so, the chances that a novice traveler venturing could find the place in the mountains are minimal. The area got into specialists’ interest before 2000, but the investigations were suddenly stopped.

Supposedly, megaliths, full of minerals are those that transmit energy to the human body. ‘Those megaliths are the source of energy. They are on the surface. They say fatigue suddenly disappears. That’s an insignificant part of what you feel, but that place can cure diseases. As you make a recreation-cure, certain affections can disappear there. Perhaps these things shouldn’t be said,’ climber Cristi Iordache told Adevarul daily.

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