Germany to lure tourists from all over the world by promoting traditions and culture


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The summer of 2021 is the zero moment for most tourist destinations, and Germany aims to attract tourists from around the world by promoting traditions, traditional crafts and a wide range of cultural offerings as a whole.

2020 – Romania in the top of the source countries with the smallest decrease in the number of overnight stays

The coronavirus pandemic brought the German incoming close to the point where it was in 1993. If in the period 1993 – 2020 the German incoming recorded consecutive annual records and a total increase of over 159%, in 2020 the total number of overnight stays was 32 million. The decrease compared to 2019 was about 70%. Romanians performed a total of 0.8 million overnight stays in 2020, down by about 30% compared to 2019 and are thus among the nationalities with the lowest decrease in the number of overnight stays in Germany.

2021 – The German Tourism Organization relies on cultural tourism to restart the engines of tourism 

According to the World Travel Monitor study conducted by IPK International on behalf of the German Tourism Organization, the strongest post-COVID trend in terms of travel interests of tourists from around the world is sustainable tourism and the promotion of authentic, traditional values. Thus, for the summer of 2021, the German Tourism Organization relies on cultural tourism to restart the engines of tourism. There will be a particular focus on the traditional German cities, crafts, local producers, gastronomy, culture and architecture, as well as the possibility of carrying out many activities in the heart of nature.

Petra Hedorfer, President of the German Tourism Organization, explains: “The authentic experiences in the cities and the wide range of tourist offers available offer excellent opportunities for the German tourist destination to attract tourists despite the pandemic. According to the European Commission, over 30% of Europeans want to resume urban travel, but with a strong local specificity. And the cities of Germany offer this unique combination of urbanism and tradition.

Top of the most appreciated traditional experiences that tourists can have in Germany

1. Tasting artisanal bread

In Germany, bread is more than just food. The German art of baking bread includes about 3,200 types of bread and has been added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

2. Local gastronomy

besondere Orte

Germany is a destination with strong gastronomic roots and attracts tourists who love local dishes and regional wines through visits to vineyards appreciated around the world, through over 1,500 regional breweries and of course through fine dining experiences in about 300 Michelin star restaurants.

3. Traditional handicrafts men

Tourists are encouraged to cross the threshold of small design and traditional art workshops and even participate in workshops on Germany’s oldest crafts.

4. Urban architecture

Germany offers a unique mix of traditional and urban, and its cities are often confused with a street art gallery. From classical architecture to modern street art, tourists will be able to enjoy a real urban show.

5. Classical music

About a third of all opera performances around the world take place in theaters in Germany.

The German Tourism Organization (DZT) is Germany’s national “tourism association” set up as a public-private partnership headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. DZT has 30 offices in different countries. Find more information here.

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