Grand Chalet, a premium compound in the mountains, following 36 million euro investment


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ANG Luxury Properties announces the Grand Chalet project. It is a premium compound built on the philosophy of moving from the urban state to the state of relaxation. Its architecture is specific to the mountain area, with a strong influence from the great ski resorts of Europe. The value of the project amounts to approximately 36 million euros.

Grand Chalet completes the vision of ANG Luxury Properties for the Romanian market, through outstanding projects. The main strategy of the company is to support through sales strategies all developers who understand the need to build such projects that do not only include buildings, but provide a set of facilities at the highest level.

Grand Chalet means three gradually developed stages. The first phase comprises seven buildings consisting of two-room apartments, whose architecture reflects modern luxury and which includes a number of facilities such as a SPA center, private gardens, electric charging stations, outdoor and indoor children’s play area, outdoor recreation, but also smart control system and lobby areas for each villa.

The plan is for each building to be furnished to a minimum four-star standard to meet customers who want to come to Poiana Brașov and enjoy comfort at the highest level.

Regardless of the project implementation and the final result, ANG Luxury Properties announces that the Grand Chalet prices are extremely affordable, with an extended 18-month ePayment plan. Also, the yield and appreciation of the aparthotels at the completion of the first phase is 30%, which indicates that it is an area where the demand is considerable and the product is a unique one. ANG Luxury Properties is also in discussions with a company specialized in the hotel industry that will manage and provide concierge services.
“The location, the details of excellence and refinement will be the calling card of the Grand Chalet. The result is reflected in the premium apartments available in a special location, creating an ideal atmosphere for spending free time. It is a plan that we are implementing also because we want to support the promotion of special locations in Romania. Such projects are essential in our country and we encourage developers to go to beautiful locations and realize such projects”, said Nicoleta Manea, co-founder.

As for the investor component, ANG Luxury Properties points out that there are two categories: those who prefer to play it safe with investments in Romania. The Grand Chalet enjoys a lot of interest from them and there is already a foreign investor who bought an entire building worth 2.5 million euros. Then there are those who prefer investing in Dubai or other locations in Europe and most often do so because they want to diversify their portfolio and even test a different market.

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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    No doubt the mountain air will be polluted with the smell of burnt Mici and the sounds of nature replaced with manele?

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