Greece reopens borders for tourists as of April 16. What are the conditions?

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Greece will reopen borders for tourism as of April 16, Romanian minister of Economy and Tourism, Claudiu Nasui announced on Monday, after a discussion he had with the the Greek ambassador to Romania.

“Greece will re-open border for tourism as of April 16, of course, under certain conditions, an online tracking form, a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test (…) Practically, there are two moments: the moment of arriving to Greece and the one of returning to Romania. When leaving Greece, Romanian tourists will need this document available on the Internet (a PLF tracking form) , a negative Covid test or vaccination certificate,” minister Nasui said.

Tourism minister also explained the conditions upon returning to Greece:

“Upon returning to the country, it will no problem if Greece is not on the yellow country list which requires quarantine. If Greece is on that list and the Romanian tourist is vaccinated, meaning there are 10 days after the rappel, he/she will not have to stay under quarantine upon return. If he/she is not vaccinated but he/she was infected with Covid-19 in the past 90 days, a thing proved either by a medical certificate or by an antibodies test, the tourist will no be quarantined either”.

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