Greece, still the most sought-after travel destination for Romanians this summer


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Greece remains the best-selling destination at Paralela 45 travel agency, with the demand this season already exceeding that of 2019 so far. The agency has charter flights to Heraklion / Crete, Chania / Crete, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Corfu, Santorini in Bucharest; Heraklion, Chania, Zakynthos, Rhodes from Cluj-Napoca; Heraklion from Timisoara and Iasi and estimates that over 15,000 tourists will go to Greece this summer with charter flights, 20% more than in 2019. Another 4,000 will leave by their own car in northern Greece.

In 2021, the tourist knows what he wants. He takes his information from our portal, from social networks, and then calls for some details about the hotel, the flight time or the payment method. It is such a high demand that we have quickly organized to focus on reducing the response time for each tourist. Several improvements have been made to the travel portal in recent months, so that the user has a pleasant experience, to already feel on vacation seeing photos from each hotel “, says Alin Burcea, CEO Paralela 45.

Providing information on better structured offers in the last minute categories, special offers, holiday packages with charter flight, plane tickets, individual tourism, holidays in Romania, tours, cruises, tips, as well as with suggestive photos, the tour operator’s portal will turn into a travel marketplace. Following the pattern of online stores, tourists will have the opportunity to create a personal account, where they can store travel offers (wish list) and have, in the same place, all holiday documents sent by the agency (information, vouchers, invoices).

As the conditions for access to each holiday destination were set, demand has doubled as against the beginning of the year. In June, most of the impressions were for “last minute”, “Greece 2021”, “Summer 2021”, “Antalya charter”.

So, to reduce the waiting time for holiday requests, Paralela 45 developed a new department call center with more employees to process each call. The reorganization of the department comes after the opening of new agencies, in June, in Alba Iulia, Ploiești, Craiova and Brașov, after hiring another 20% staff, from the beginning of the year until now, and after giving up the short work schedule “kurzarbeit” , from February 1, and the transition to the normal working hours.

Holiday packages through Glovo

From June, Paraleal 45 tour agency’s offers are also available on Glovo. The tour operator provides users with the application vouchers with a value of 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 lei for the options: “Get rid of my mother-in-law”, “Bachelor party”, “Post-divorce vacation”, “Babymoon, the last vacation for two”.

As of July, the vouchers are ble in all cities where the application is active.

The partnership with Glovo comes after, at the end of last year, the agency launched the voucher #niversityofperformance, with a value from 50 to 1,000 euros, and sold over 700 copies as a gift, with personalized graphics on request.

A survey conducted by Paralela 45 among voucher buyers shows that the holidays seem to be the most appropriate gift after the borders were closed in 2020 and they could not travel at the pace of previous years.

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