Gura Portitei, a less known Edenic beach in Dobrogea


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Gura Portitei is located on a strip of sand linking Lake Golovi?a in Danube Delta with the Black Sea and stretches on a 4 kilometers length. You can arrive to Gura Portitei Beach by a small vessel or by boat from Jurilovca village, Tulcea County in about an hour trip. Gura Portitei used to be a simple Lipovan fishermen village, officially attested on maps since 1710, the fishery being the only one standing today.

The name Gura Portitei comes from a natural closure that existed in the area several decades ago and allowed the transfer of water between Lake Golovita and the Black Sea. Most of the coastal area remained untouched and is strictly protected by law but still a tourist attraction. One of the areas was leased in the late 1990s to a private firm that built the facilities needed for a holiday village, the other part is open for those who wish to camp.

You can find here Eden tourist complex built after the 90’s. It was the first holiday village in Romania classified with a three stars category. The investment amounted at that time to over a million dollars. The land has been leased for 49 years.

Porti?ei Beach is a special place considering its wilderness, which makes it other kind of beach, different from what we are used to in Romania, a place that has preserved its charm and naturalness. The place is beautifully landscaped with sun loungers and thatched umbrellas, a playground for children, a small pool and a tennis court.

Golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters create a quiet place where you disconnect from the tumultuous city life. Since Porti?ei is located between the Black Sea and the Danube, fishing enthusiasts can find plenty of fish here.

You can also take boat trips through the Delta organized by locals in Jurilovca, you can admire pelicans and lilies, walk along the canals or to Sfantu Gheorghe and Sulina.

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