Half of Romanians want to travel in 2021, citing stress, study says

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Vola.ro has carried out a research on the Romanians’ travel intentions in 2021, on the tourism trends and on the fears of the Romanian tourists. The study was conducted by Mercury Research in early February, on a sample of 616 respondents and it confirms the European Commission’s direction to ease the pressure on the tourism industry by releasing the “green certificate” that will allow vaccinated people to travel without restrictions.

According to the survey, 43% of the Romanians intend to travel this year, 29% are still undecided and only 27% say they won’t travel this year.

The uncertainty is mainly prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, however as time passes this incertitude on future journeys seems to improve. 53% of the respondents say they are willing to resume trips starting this summer.

The most important factor convincing Romanians to plan in 2021 is the need for relaxation and the stress relief that they have been exposed to lately. The second factor is the attractive last-minute offers and the frustrations prompted by the delay of the trips during 2020.

Despite the fact that pandemic has hit hard many European states and travel restrictions are still in place for most destinations on the continent, the destination preferred by Romanians in 2021 remains Europe. It is mainly preferred by youngsters. Romania ranks second in the top of preferences as travel spot mainly for people over 45.

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