Half of the Romanians who won’t go on vacation this year blame it on the COVID-19 pandemic

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38% of the Romanians are planning a vacation this year, while 45% have chosen not to go anywhere, according to a OLX survey. 17pc have not taken any decision yet.

Asked why they chose not to travel this year, 44% of the respondents said they do not feel safe due to the coronavirus pandemic, 32% claimed financial reasons, while 20% said that they fear the pandemic might cause the cancellation of their plans and they might face cancelled flights or closed borders.

Where to? Romania or abroad?

Among those who plan to travel this year, 47% say they will go on two or three trips, 42% in only one vacation, 7% say they will visit over 5 places, while 4% have chosen the option with 4-5 vacations.

Asked where they are traveling this year, most of the respondents said they have chosen to go in Romania, at the mountain and to the seaside.

At the same time, Romanians who have chosen to go abroad prefer the countries near Romania, followed by other destinations in Europe. The most unpopular travel option was the vacation on another continent.

Most of those who will go on vacation this summer plan to go in groups of maximum five persons, and in two.

A small part will go in groups up to ten people and even a smaller one in groups of over ten.


Questioned what type of accommodation will choose, the surveyed Romanians prefer: guesthouses (39%), all-inclusive hotels (29%), renting a flat (27%), medium or small hotels (25%), renting wooden chalets (23%), tents (12%), trailers or camper vans (7%).

Most of the Romanians do not know or haven’t decided yet when they will go on vacation (29%). 20pc say they will go in August, 19pc have already chosen July. 13pc say will go next year.

Safety measures envisaged

Romanians who will go on holiday this year plan to take the following measures in that order: wearing face masks indoors (75%), using disinfectants (56%), social distancing (52%), avoiding trips in large groups (48%), wearing face masks also in outdoor crowded spaces (44%), avoiding popular destinations (42%), wearing protective gloves (12%), no safety measures (6%).

Most of the respondents say their vacation budget ranges from RON 1,001 to RON 2,000, followed by those who have a budget from RON 2,001 to RON 3,000.

Transport means

When it comes to the safest transport means, Romanians have chosen the personal car to travel, and also the trailer or the camper van. The least preferred are coaches, trains and planes.

Asked when they plan to travel by airplane, 51% of them say they don’t know or haven’t decided yet, 22% say it will happen next year, while 7%-after 2 years.

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