Hoia-Baciu Forest, one of world’s most frightening places


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The Hoia-Baciu Forest, presented by www.hoiabaciuforest.com as World’s Most Haunted Forest, is located  near Cluj-Napoca, covers an area of ??over 250 hectares and is often referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of the country. The forest was named after a shepherd who disappeared in the area together with his 200 sheep.

Why the reputation of being haunted? As many sources indicate, the forest has had a dense paranormal activity for decades. People have witnessed several strange events including ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions, faces appearing in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and in the 1970s UFO sightings. The most common weird phenomena in the forest are seeing mysterious lights, hearing female voices, giggling and cases of people being scratched. Visitors to the forest have reported a strong sense of anxiety and the feeling of being watched. Also, many of the locals who have been brave enough to venture into the forest complained of physical harm, including rashes, nausea, vomiting, migraines, burns, scratches, anxiety, and other unusual sensations. Moreover, the local vegetation is somehow bizarre in appearance, like something out of a make-believe story with strangely shaped trees, and unexplained charring on tree stumps and branches.

Several stories tell about people going into the forest and experiencing missing time. According to the reports, some are known to be missing for more or less time with no recollection of how they spent that time. The woods are thought to be notoriously haunted by the Romanian peasants who were murdered there. It is believed that the souls of these tormented ghosts are trapped within the wooded confines of Hoia-Baciu Forest and that these entities are enraged by their predicament.

According to listverse.com, specialists around the world are fascinated by the forest. Scientists from Germany, France, the United States and Hungary have managed to capture bizarre material structures on tape, including faces and apparitions. The website ranks the forest on the second place in Top 10 strange and unique forests.

The forest is also in Top 5 world’s most frightening places, chart made by Movie Pilot.

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