Increase of 85% of bookings for chalets and vacation houses during holidays

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The pandemic has changed the Romanians’ travel styles, with a 85% increase of the bookings for chalets, villas and vacation houses in 2020 as against the previous year.

According to, almost 6 percent of the total number of reservations during September-December 2020 were made for the above-mentioned accommodation units.

2020 travel trend –  the remote chalets

This year, the Romanian tourists’ preferences went to the accommodation units located in remote areas or that can be rented entirely, such as chalets, vacation houses or villas.

For instance, during July-August, around 4 percent of the total number of bookings on platform were chalets and vacation houses, with a 84% increase as against the previous year.

This trend is also valid for the winter holidays, when Romanians preferred to rent individual chalets and houses.

Prices range from RON 487/night up to RON 4,500/night for units that can be rented entirely

Depending on the number of rooms and facilities, the accommodation units that can be rented entirely provide a wide range of prices. Thus, a chalet in Harghita can be rented with RON 487/night for 11 people, providing 4 rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, grill, sauna, tub for a fee.

In Maramures, northern Romania, tourists could rent a 10-year-old restored house, for the ‘steep price’ of RON 4,500/per night for 6 people.

The trend of renting an entire house/chalet has also been on the rise due to other available facilities such as gazebo courtyards, spacious garden and grill, terrace, board games.

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