Italy is enriched by a new UNESCO site, the 59°


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Italy’s 59th UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Evaporitic Karst and Caves of Northern Apennines in Emilia-Romagna – has been designated. This unique site is an exceptionally well-preserved and vast epigenic gypsum karst region with over 900 caves, including some of the world’s deepest gypsum caves, going as deep as 265 meters below the surface.

Italy’s new UNESCO addition was announced during the 45th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In total, 42 new sites were added, and five existing sites were extended, expanding the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to 1,199 in 168 countries worldwide.

Discussions during the event addressed major global challenges affecting heritage, including climate change, urban development, demographic pressure, armed conflict, and mass tourism. UNESCO also introduced innovative solutions like the ‘Dive into Heritage’ interactive tool, set to launch in 2025, allowing the public to explore these sites online.

Italy, with its 59 UNESCO sites, remains a treasure trove of cultural and natural assets, attracting millions of visitors each year. These accessible sites are easily reached using Italy’s rail services, such as Frecciarossa, Intercity, and regional trains, enhancing the traveler’s experience.

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