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The free metasearch engine team has analyzed the time allowed in the farewell areas of the airports where Romanians use to travel on Valentine’s Day. Short-term parking locations without the need to pay a fee are also called “Kiss & Fly” areas, a name that describes exactly the administrators` expectations.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and in addition to the holiday destinations for couples who are lucky enough to live in the same city, it is important to pay some attention also on the experiences of those who have a long distance relationship. Especially since many of them start during a trip.

Love at first sight in the airport

The survey conducted in January of this year reflects that 27% of the Romanian respondents started a relationship during a vacation (the same percentage as last year), and 34% of them fell in love with a person of another nationality. Such meetings often turn into long-distance relationships and these people are the ones who enjoy the most when they have a longer time to say goodbye in airports.

Lovers-friendly airports

According to the momondo study published last year, 42% of Romanians consider that distance is not an obstacle in maintaining a relationship, and some airports do not want to add extra weight, which is why they provide areas where those in love (but not only them) can say goodbye without being rushed or charged extra.

The flight search statistics show that between February 14 and 17 in 2020, most flights departing from the Romanian airports will have as destination London, Rome, Dubai, Paris or Milan. Couples who will say goodbye at the end of these mini-vacations will be able to better plan these exciting moments knowing how much free time they will benefit from.

Those who fly from Stansted London Airport are the luckiest, enjoying the opportunity to park the car for one hour at the arranged place from which you can reach the terminal in 5 minutes, without being charged. There is also a faster option (maximum 10 minutes) for those who prefer to stop right next to the terminal, for a fee of £4. Those taking off from Luton Airport enjoy the same conditions. Southend Airport is even more stingy with lovers, offering only 15 minutes for free, but those using Gatwick or Heathrow airports are the most rushed, with no free parking space. Unfortunately, it happens the same at the most popular Romanian airport, „Henri Coandă” – Otopeni.

Romanians who will spend a holiday in Rome will have 15 minutes to part with their loved ones without paying a parking fee and without being rushed by anyone. This opportunity is valid for both airports in the capital city of Italy.

The Dubai vacation will end on one of the 2 available airports, DXB or DWC, but only the latter is indulgent with those who will say goodbye, offering free parking without time limit.

Even though Paris is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports do not support long kisses with the same enthusiasm, offering only 10 minutes, as does Milan Malpensa Airport.

Airports in Romania

Among the most generous Romanian airports are those from Constanța and Baia Mare, which offer free parking without a time limit. Parking at the Satu Mare airport allows free parking for 15 minutes, and the airport near Târgu Mureș starts charging only after the first 10 minutes. The airports in Iasi and Bucharest only allow passengers to get off their cars, without giving the lovers time to say goodbye, and the other airports in Romania start charging from the first minute they access the arranged space.

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