Last minute destinations sales up by 25%. What are the Romanians’ most sought-after summer spots?

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Sales for last minute destinations increased by about 25% this year compared to 2015 in Romania. The most sough-after destinations are the Greek islands, according to statistics provided by Paravion travel agency as quoted by Romanians allot about EUR 700 per person for stays in Zakynthos, Mykonos or Lefkada.

The events in Turkey and other European touristic destinations made some Romanian visitors wait until the last moments for choosing a holiday. They mostly opted for Greece this year, but also for Spain and Portugal. However, Antalya continues to top the tourists’ preferences.

At the same time, the travel agency’s statistics reveal that over 40% of the tourists booking online opt for the last minute offers.

The most sought-after summer destinations this year are Zakynthos, Mykonos, Lefkada, Rhodes, Skiathos, Mallorca, mostly preferred by tourists aged under 35. Those aged 35 to 50 mainly prefer Crete, Corfu, Thasos and Antalya.

While youngsters allot around EUR 700, enough to cover expenses for the flight, half-board accommodation or all inclusive for two persons, people older than 35 are spending EUR 800 for two persons on the average.

This year, around 20% of the last minute packages sold by Paravion have been bought by Romanian tourists aged 35 to 50.

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