Lunar view near Buzau – The Mud Volcanoes


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Near Buzau (Berca village), located on Paclele Mari and Paclele Mici Hills, you can find a true geological and botanical reservation embodied by Berca Mud Volcanoes.

Accessible today on a renovated road, the mud volcanoes are one of the most attractive natural monuments of Buzau County, the result of natural gas emissions that erupt from 3,000 meters deep towards the surface. The mud volcanoes can be observed in two areas, the Big Mud Volcanoes and the Little Mud Volcanoes. The mud on the surface has white-gray color; it is dry and cold with sulfur smell and creates strange lunar scenery. Vegetation is scarce in the area because the soil is very salty and few plants can survive this environment. The reservation is unique in Romania, but similar phenomena can be observed in Italy, Ukraine, Russia as well as Azerbaijan.

On the Paclele Mici plateau, the cones of the main volcanoes have no landscape, but instead they have craters about two and five meters wide. Also on this plateau, there are secondary craters of smaller sizes that create subsequent cones. When there is abundant precipitation, the eruption of the local volcanoes increases, creating mud torrents that flow mainly to the southern part.  The constant eruption activity has created moon-like areas with mud rivers flowing and eventually drying up, adding extra dramatic features to the plateaus.

Paclele Mari and Paclele Mici area is visited by nearly 15,000-20,000 tourists a year (previous year’s figures when the access way was difficult to travel). The natural plateau has been the scenery for many video clips of many famous artists, (such as Romanian singer Inna, Romanian group ‘3 Sud Est’, rock band ‘Iris’, etc), TV ads, and artistic photos.

There are a couple of good side trips in the area you may add:

The Living Fires of Lopatari (56 km away from Buzau city), unique in Europe, are among the most mysterious, and unusual phenomena you may find in nature. The natural emanations of gas are lit at the surface, under the rays of the sun. The fires burn at night as well, when the scenery is at its most spectacular appearance. At times you can see a flame rising up to 1 m into the wind above the ground.


The Amber Museum from Colti is the only amber museum in Southeastern Europe. Amber is a stone that was formed from many pine species and its age exceeds 50 million years.


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