Magura Sculpture Camp, one of the most beautiful places in Buzau


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Magura is a commune in Buz?u County, Romania, located on the right bank of Buz?u River and it is composed of two villages, Ciuta and Magura.

Magura Sculpture Camp is a unique exhibition, developed outdoors, including a large number of art works scattered all over the glades on the hills that watch over Magura. Built between 1970 and 1986, it’s an exceptional outdoor museum, placed on a few hectares area near the Ciolanu Monastery. Magura Sculpture Camp formed after an event that took place during the summers of the years 1970-1986, when students and graduates of the Bucharest Academy of Art were training here.

The Sculpture Camp from Magura is the largest exhibition of its kind all over the country and also among the largest in the world. The Camp was initiated by sculptor Gheorghe Coman and supported by the Union of Romanian Artists to mark 16 centuries since the first documentation of Buzau. It hosts more than 260 sculptures created using limestone nearby Ciuta. The only artist who performed 16 works, one for each edition, is sculptor Gheorghe Coman, coordinator of the 16 programs. Over the 16 years, 163 sculptors carved and made 256 stone works; some considered masterpieces by the art critics, there were all donated to Buzau County in an official ceremony.

Before the artists arrived in Magura, carvers from Ciuta carved 16 stones of different shapes and sizes. They used the traditional technique for the stone removal, namely chipper and ax. The stone blocks were numbered and on the opening day the 16 sculptors picked a number that indicated which block of stone they will process. The picking up was followed by shouts of joy when the stone was generous, or vice versa, disappointment, when stone was smaller. In the end the artists were all satisfied with the rock they got, as Magura stone was a high-quality one.

manastirea-ciolanu_acef1453aa45cdThose who arrive in the area can also visit one of Romania’s best known monastic settlements, Ciolanu Monastery located almost 40 km away from Buzau, in the immediate vicinity of the Magura Camp. The monastery was first attested in the sixteenth century and has two churches, located at a distance of 100 meters one from another. The old church was erected around 1570 by Dumitru Ciolanu and the newer one was built in 1828. The latter dazzles the audience with George Tatarescu’s paintings that adorn the interior walls, dating from 1886, the year the church was painted.

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