Marghiloman Mansion in Buzau revamped with European funds

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Marghiloman Mansion was built between 1882 and 1887 by Iancu Marghiloman, a famous Romanian entrepreneur and landholder. After he died, his son Alexander Marghiloman (Romanian Prime Minister in 1918, playing a crucial part in the WWI) chose to modernize the mansion, using the services of a French-born architect, Paul Gottreau. Under Gottreau care, the mansion became a massive building with French-style architecture.

In 1897 they inaugurated Villa Albatross located in a large park with a pond, with outbuildings, such as villas for personnel or guests, houses for gardeners and janitors and stables for race horses. At that time, race horses gained their fame at the Mansion after they have won 27 derbies. As a matter of fatc, Alexandru Marghiloman is considered the father of the horse racing in Romania. He organized the first horse races and bets on the Bucharest-based Floreasca Racing track (1874) and also founded the Romanian Jockey Club.

Marghiloman Palace had 31 rooms and was very luxurious. On the ground were hardwood floors, and the walls were decorated with silk.

After the death of Alexander Marghiloman the mansion came down. It is rumored that the landowner, C. Musceleanu would have cursed the place to end in smoke because he had lost the land gambling, in favor of Iancu Marghiloman.

Locals say that the nights with full moon, the ghosts of former landlords come out horse riding through the park.

The rehabilitation of the Villa that belonged to the former Conservative Prime Minister Alexandru Marghiloman (1854 – 1925) is part of a program, which the Buzau City Hall accessed through the 2007-2013 regional operational programs. The revamping of the mansion with EU funds mounts to EUR 18 million. Since 2008 the Mansion has passed from the Ministry of Culture in the administration of the Municipality of Buzau, which restored it and plans to turn it into a cultural center.

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