‘Mocanita Transilvaniei’, back on track after almost 20 years


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Mocanita is a narrow gauge railway in Romania, most notably in Maramures, Transylvania, and Bukovina. They are situated in mountainous areas and the locomotives operating on them (which themselves can also be referred to as mocanitas) are steam-powered. These railways were built for cargo and passenger services – some in the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before 1920 – but fell into disrepair over the years. Some are now being rehabilitated on touristic purposes.

After almost 20 years ‘Mocanita’ becomes the longest narrow gauge railway reopened in Romania for tourism. The railway passes through seven villages, Râciu, Sânmartinu de Câmpie, Craesti, Milas, Orosfaia, Comlod and Teaca, and lays on 34.5 kilometers.‘Mocanita’ passes through conifer forests and splendid vegetation tunnels.

The build of this route began in 1914 and finshed in two years. These railways were built for cargo and passenger services to Târgu Mures, some during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1918 CFR has bought the railway from the Magyars, but during The War World II the Hungarians took it over again. In 1940, they built a road that connects Viile Tecii to Lechinta in just three months, ensuring link to Budapest. Using this route, the Hungarians managed to secure the weapon transport in the area, according to adevarul.ro.
During communism and five years after, the steam locomotives represented their daily means of transport to Târgu Mures and Lechinta up to the forest and back home at night. The first touristic train appeared in 1995 when the line was taken over by the The Railway Tourism Society. However, the idea died out in 1996. Four years ago, a business man took over route Raciu – Târgu Mures and recently announced that the 65 old Polish steam locomotive and other two wagons will transport tourists by the beginning of 2015 spring.

Get ready for a unique adventure in a landscape of rare beauty, where time seems to have stood still.

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