Momondo life hack: how to make the most of the free days of 2020

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The free travel metasearch team has selected the non-working days of 2020 and has found the best combinations with the fewest leave days in order to offer the most efficient holidays for Romanians: 1 month traveling for 12 leave days.

Romanian employees want more and more vacation days, or days when they can work while traveling, which is why many choose to use some leave days just before or after national holidays. By combining these days with the closest weekend, they can benefit from more vacations throughout the year and can buy their tickets in advance to enjoy the lowest prices.


Because the first free days of the year have already been consumed, and the Union Day (24th of January – free) is already close – although prices for flights to Athens, Warsaw or Tel Aviv are still worth considering – the Easter holiday can be planned in patience. The days of April 17, 19 and 20 are already free, so a city break in Europe will be easy to organize, but those who want a longer vacation can use 8 days of vacation to enjoy 17 days away from home (1st of May – free). A vacation in India, China or Kenya will be friendly enough with the annual vacation budget to make other interesting trips possible.

Holiday dates: April 17 – May 3 (with 8 leave days)

The average price for round trip flights to New Delhi: 529 EUR

Average price for round trip flights to Beijing: 425 EUR

The average price for round trip flights to Nairobi: 525 EUR


The days of June 1 and 8 were set to be free, so 2 long weekends can bring 2 memorable escapades. Those who prefer longer and further vacations can use 4 leave days for a 10-day vacation to fully whet their appetite for summer travel. Japan or Thailand are just 2 of the countries to which one can fly cheap these days.

Holiday dates: May 30 – June 8 (with 4 days leave)

The average price for round trip flights to Tokyo: 444 EUR

The average price for round trip flights to Bangkok: 396 EUR


Romania’s national day is another occasion for a short vacation, as the days of November 30 and December 1 will be free, so combining them with the previous weekend gives a perfect mini-vacation for exploring Christmas fairs, or seaside walks in locations with friendly temperatures, such as Portugal or Cyprus. There is no need for extra leave days, but if the end of the year does not cover all the available ones, it can extend this trip in the beginning of winter.

Holiday dates: November 28 – December 1

The average price for round trip flights to Lisbon: 110 EUR

The average price for round trip flights to Larnaca: 80 EUR

Bank Holidays in 2020:

January 1 (Wednesday), January 2 (Thursday) – New Year

January 24 (Friday) – Unification Day of the Romanian Principalities

April 17 (Friday) – Great Friday

April 19 (Sunday), April 20 (Monday) – Easter

May 1 (Friday) – Labor Day

June 1 (Monday) – Children’s Day

June 7 (Sunday), June 8 (Monday) – Pentecost

August 15 (Saturday) – The Assumption of the Virgin

November 30 (Monday) – Saint Andrew

December 1 (Tuesday) – National Day of Romania

December 25 (Friday), December 26 (Saturday) – First and Second Christmas Day

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