New Years` Eve 2020: Top 7 destinations for fireworks lovers


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The free travel metasearch team found the cities that had impressed in previous years with fireworks shows organized on the occasion of the new year. Whether the necessary funds came from the respective state or local communities joined forces, the result was joyful every time.

Fireworks are part of the night between the years in many parts of the world, but there are places where their viewers simply remain astonished by their complexity. And when a well-chosen place also allows for a perfect photo frame, the experience becomes a memorable one.


The city that loves to surpass the records is never left behind in terms of light shows or fireworks. In 2015, it received the Guinness World Records recognition for the highest fireworks launched from a building (Burj Khalifa), when 1.6 tons of fireworks were launched in less than 10 minutes.

The average price for accommodation in New Year’s Eve in 3/4 star hotels in Dubai is: 160 EUR.

New York

New York skyline at night with fireworks

Times Square and the famous ball who falls since 1907 at the last minute of each year (with 2 exceptions, during war time) gather at least 1 million tourists from all over the world. After the last second of the year fireworks and confetti are launched from the nearby buildings and the couples mark the beginning of a new year with a long kiss.

The average price for New Year’s Eve accommodation in 3/4 star hotels in New York is: 240 EUR.


Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Another million inhabitants of the planet are near Sydney Opera and Sydney Harbor to enjoy the grand spectacle on New Year’s Eve. The photos tend to be gorgeous, which is why many photographers take their place in the Botanical Garden starting with the morning of the last day of the year, to be sure they get the perfect picture.

The average price for New Year’s Eve accommodation in 3/4 star hotels in Sydney is: 227 EUR.


Reykjavík, Iceland, New Year Eve, Fireworks near Hallgrímskirkja -modern cathedral with striking belltower.

The capital of Iceland does not fund the fireworks with public money, but the local community manages to compensate each year. Residents seem like a well-organized network that launches pyrotechnic materials at midnight, or set up bonfires in different locations – this tradition began as a measure to burn the things they wanted to get rid of before entering the new year.

The average price for accommodation during The New Year`s Eve in 3/4 star hotels in Reykjavik is: 168 EUR.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fireworks Display 2016

Those who will spend New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong should give up the typical expectations of the “Western culture” to make room for a new experience. Locals are used to walking quietly on the last evening of the year, being prepared for a picnic at the most, without looking for noisy and elegant parties. However, at midnight, a show of lights and fireworks starts related to the music that creates a specific atmosphere. Victoria Harbor is a favorite spot for most fireworks enthusiasts, but restaurants on top of tall buildings are not an option to avoid either.

The average price for New Year’s Eve accommodation in 3/4 star hotels in Hong Kong is: 174 EUR.

Rio de Janeiro

More than 2 million people attended 2013-2014 New Year´s Eve party on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

One of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in the world takes place every year on Copacabana Beach in Rio, where about 2 million people dress in white and dance samba. Concerts, champagne, perfect temperatures (midsummer) attract tourists from all over the world for the night that makes the transition to an even better year.

The average price for accommodation in New Year’s Eve in 3/4 star hotels in Rio de Janeiro is: 123 EUR.


The Portuguese island closer to Africa than to Europe offers a truly special show at night. Funchal harbor hosts numerous cruise ships that line up to give visitors the opportunity to admire the fireworks that brought Guinness World Records recognition in 2006. Gorgeous images can be photographed from both cruise ships and the Funchal Harbor, and most tourists choose to spend the whole winter vacation here because the temperatures are much friendlier than in the rest of the continent, and the atmosphere is unrepeatable.

The average price for accommodation in New Year’s Eve in 3/4 star hotels in Madeira is: 86 EUR.

¤ The above mentioned prices are the average values for one night in a double room of a 3 – 4 stars hotels for 31st of December 2019 – 01st of January 2020, with searching dates between 01.01.2019 – 30.09.2019. All prices can vary or become unavailable.

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