Ocna Sugatag, Maramures, a dreamscape and a spa resort

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Ocna Sugatag is a commune in Maramures County, Transylvania, documentary attested for the first time in 1355. It is composed of four villages: Breb, Hoteni, Ocna Sugatag and Sat-Sugatag. Located in Maramures depression, the resort links other places like Iza Valley (Vadu Izei) and Viseu through a complex road artery thus becoming an important tourist attraction. Ocna Sugatag is 20 kilometers away from Sighetu Marmatiei.

Ocna Sugatag is actually a spa resort and you can find here, in the former salt mines area, no less than 8 lakes. It takes up the leading position in Europe in terms of salinity.

Every year, thousands of tourists spend their vacation in Maramures, an area known for its picturesque scenery. Ocna Sugatag offers them, besides the landscapes and relaxation, treatments with salt water recommended by specialists, for rheumatism and other neurological disorders. The resort has seen a strong growth in the past few years. Dozens of pensions were built in the area and most of the owners set up available saltwater pools.

Ocna Sugatag resort functions for over 40 years and now offers tourists five saltwater pools, two of which are indoor, with 37 degree heated water. The treatment center has equipment and facilities to ensure the following treatments: baths in mineral water, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, respiratory therapy, treatments performed under the supervision of medical personnel.

The main attractions for tourists are the heated mineral water pools also known as The New Baths (Baile Noi), but also the open-air salt water pool namely The Old Baths (Baile Vechi).

You can visit Ocna Sugatag Resort all seasons, as the treatment centers are permanently available.

While in the area you can also visit, in about 40 kilometers away, the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, famous for its crosses engraved with unusual epitaphs.


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