Omu Mountain Peak gets insured


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65 percent of Romanians plan to reach Omu Peak in the near future, according to “Romanians’ relation with the mountain” study, conducted by Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group. However, even if 90 percent of them recommend hikings on the Omu Peak, only 30 percent have visited this tourist destination.

In this context, Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group, together with Salvamont Rasnov and ‘Oxigen’ Tourism Association for Nature, a comprehensive insurance project for Omu Peak, considered the highest permanently inhabited spot in Romania.Omu Peak

“Omniasig initiated this project so that Romanians can now enjoy a much safer journey to this famous peak in the Bucegi Mountains. Ensuring the Omu peak was a natural step for us, because we are moving in the same direction of our actions of responsibility so far, community involvement and environmental protection. It is an honor for the entire Omniasig family to be able to help improve the experience of being on the mountain and to meet the Romanians who want to reach the Omu Peak,” Mihai Tecau, CEO Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group stated in a press conference on Thursday.

The project will be developed until this year’s end-September.

The first stage was the restoration of mountain trails on Busteni- Pichetul Rosu segment in July. The second stage focuses on the insurance of Pichetul Rosu- Cabana Malaiesti track in August and the third is arranging the tourist plateau Omu Peak in September.

According to Tecau, there were 300 Omniasig employees who volunteered in the first stage.

Depending on the route chosen, hiking to Omu Peak can last between 6 and 12 hours.

The mountain tracks to be provided by Omniasig are visited annually by over 4,000 people.

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