Pisica (Tramsani), a heavenly island on the Danube

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Ostrovul Pisica (Pisica Island) or Tramsani is one of the most beautiful protected islands in Calarasi County. Only those who own a boat dare to visit these magnificent places on the Danube. The area has a surface of 29 hectares and is covered mostly by forests interwoven with beautiful wild creepers and vines. The most beautiful endangered bird species are found here: kingfisher, various species of herons, saker falcon, eagle, tern, Silvia, siskins and the gold finch, according to Adevarul.

Ostrovul Pisica is reacheable only by boat, but if you don’t own one you can rent from Albatros Podul 4 with RON 500 per day. The complex is located on DN3, about 4 kilometers from Calarasi, while the island is near the village Dervent, about an hour away by boat from Calarasi. This piece of land surrounded by water offers breathtaking sceneries. The little island whose riches are the natural forests promises tourists an unforgettable trip.

The island is surrounded by natural channels with water so clear that you can easily see dozens of fish. You can catch a glimpse at the cormorant colonies hunting fish.

The islands (ostroave – bigger islands) on the Danube are true ‘jungles’ where rare species of birds and animals find refuge, which gives them an essential role in saving the entire ecosystem of the Danube basin. Because these species are protected,  nesting platforms for white-tailed and saker falcon were installed on the islands, included on the Natura 2000 site, (Ostrovul Pisica is part of it).

Ostrovul Pisica is in the close vicinity of the island Pacuiul lui Soare, where you can also see Vicina Byzantine ruins.  According to historians, Vicina Fortress was built on the island now called Sun’s P?cuiul (Pacuiul lui Soare) by Byzantium emperors after the year of 971.

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