Rimetea, one of the most beautiful villages in Romania can now be admired from above


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Rimetea, one of the most beautiful locations both in Transylvania and in Romania is located in Alba County; the village lays at the base of Trascau Mountains, hence the old name of the location.

The village, drawn from a fairy tale, can also be admired now in its entire splendor from above. Three young men from Cluj invite you paragliding over the steep ridges of Trascau Mountains and, why not, to lower the kayak on Aries River. The fairytale land with green windows and white houses is renowned for its unique architecture and wonderful landscape.show_upload_viewobjective_1350116865_vsm_174

Half of the 300 houses keep the nineteenth century freshness. Tourists come here from all over the world and admire the spectacular scenery on the bike, motor, paragliding or kayaking. With EUR 200,000 European money, three young men have joined forces and developed a business in a rural area, to attract more guests.

‘We’ve come up to this idea when we met several members in Nepal and that’s what we are trying to do, to apply the lessons we have learned there. In India, we have learned how these underdeveloped countries managed to attract tourists from other countries and we try to use the same strategies now,’ Robert Manda, TAT Association member told ProTv.

Those who choose to admire the stylishly village up to thousand meters altitude pay between RON 200 and RON 250, RON 100 for rafting, while a bicycle ride is RON 40 per day.

While in the area you can also visit Trascaului City on the west side of Coltesti village and 5 kilometers from Rimetea, a fortress that was built around 1296 by sub voivode Thoroczkay in Trascau as city housing and refuge. Today a good part of the enclosure walls and one of the two side towers are still kept. 30 kilometers from Rimetea is Turda city, where you will find Turda salt mine, which is today a true museum of the history of salt mining. It currently operates as a modern tourist center, which hosts treatment rooms, an amphitheater, gymnasium, and a ‘panoramic wheel’ where you can admire the salt stalactites.

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