Rodna National Park, the second largest one in Romania

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Rodna National Park is a protected area located in Romania, on the administrative territory of Bistri?a-N?s?ud and Maramure? counties, the second in size national park in the country. Also, it is one of the three biosphere reserves in Romania, along with Retezat National Park and the Danube Delta.

Rodna Mountains National Park is the largest protected area from the Eastern Carpathians, spreading over an area of ??46,399 hectares in the central part of the Rodna Mountains. This national park is part of the UNESCO World patrimony; 3,300 hectares are designated as ‘Biosphere Reservation since 1979.

Rodna National Park preserves protected animals like the brown bear and the lynx, some rare birds and more than one thousand plant species. The highest peak is Pietrosul at 2,303meters altitude followed by Ineu Peak (2,279 meters) and Buhaescu Mare (2,257 meters). Make sure you don’t miss Lala Mare, the largest glacial lake in Rodna Mountains, located at 1,815 meters altitude, close to Ineu Peak.

Rodnei Massif has some notable caves, among them ‘Izvorul T?u?oarelor’, the deepest cave in Romania, going about 479 meters beneath the surface and ‘Jgheabul lui Zalion’, 242 meters deep.

In the south part of the park there are mineral springs with therapeutic properties such as Sangeorz Bai, a well-known spa resort. Located on the northern side of Rodna Mountains, Maramures, near the tourist resort Borsa, Horses’ Falls (Cascada Cailor) is one of the most beautiful cascades in Romania. Situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters, the water fall is around 90 meters.

Poiana-cu-narcise-Saca (1)One of the greatest attractions for tourists in Rodna Mountains National Park is the daffodil meadow on Mount Saca, stretching over an area of ??7.8 hectares. This natural reservation is situated at an altitude of 1,600 meters and the access to the area is through Wine Valley (Valea Vinului), on two routes that can be covered in about three hours.

An area over 2,300 hectares of Rodna National Park has been declared a strict protected sector.

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    I visit Bor?a, at “Cascada Cailor” and we climb 16 km to Lala Lake. It is something fantastic…

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