Romania, among five European countries with the best prices for road trips, survey finds


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With hopes of travel back on the horizon,, global travel search site, has launched its inaugural European Road Trip Index, with Romania being in the top list as European destination with the most affordable prices for road trips.  It’s also positioned high in the car hire category that considers countries where car hire prices are the lowest and car rental companies have the highest ratings.

Making it easier than ever for those hoping to hit the road this summer, has analysed 31 countries in Europe and ranked them across six categories: weather, safety and infrastructure, pricing, traffic and sustainability, car hire, and nature and landmarks, to develop the index. Within each category, a total of 17 factors were defined to reach a comprehensive overview of aspects that travellers care about when deciding on a destination for a road trip.

The best countries in Europe for road trips

Portugal landed the coveted No. 1 spot as the best country in Europe for a road trip, scoring well on road quality, abundance of attractive nature and landmarks, and the pricing of car hire. It also scored well in the amount of sunshine per year, and has very little air pollution or road congestion. Spain came in at No.2 for scoring highly in similar categories. While Luxembourg didn’t score as highly on weather, it came in No. 3 due to its amazing nature and landmarks. Reasonable car hire, accommodation and petrol prices plus toll-free roads also make it less expensive to explore.

momondo’s Road Trip Index also provides a deep-dive look at which countries came out on top for the individual category rankings. Highlights include:

Best Pricing

This category ranks the countries based on petrol, accommodation and parking prices and its road toll policies. Ukraine came in first place with Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Romania rounding up the top five.

Car Hire

This category ranks countries based not only on how much it costs to hire a car but also car hire company ratings. Slovakia came in first with a winning combination of the second-cheapest car hire prices coupled with excellent car hire company ratings, followed by Latvia, Slovenia, Romania and Poland.

Best Weather

Low precipitation and many hours of sunshine makes Spain the No.1 country for  a sunny road trip. Greece comes in at the No.2, followed by Portugal and Turkey.

Best for Safety & infrastructure

The countries that scored well in this category have fewer car accidents and good road conditions. Switzerland took first place, with other top ranking countries in the category including the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Sweden.

Best for Traffic & sustainability

This category encompasses factors that affect traffic conditions like air pollution, congestion and number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants. It also takes into account the number of EV charging stations for those hiring an eco-friendly car. The Netherlands ranked number one, with Norway coming in at No.2, followed by Finland, Iceland, and Sweden.

Nature & landmarks

Comprising two factors that often come to mind when considering a road trip: the attractiveness of the country’s nature and the number of Heritage Sites. Switzerland takes the prize here with its majestic mountains, lakes and forests, but it also has the third-most Heritage Sites in Europe in relation to its land mass. Luxembourg takes the second spot, followed by Austria, Portugal and Slovenia.

To view the Road Trip index and full breakdown of rankings, visit

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