Romania, among the states levying tourist taxes, yet ‘boasts’ the lowest ones

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Romania is among those more than 40 countries that charge tourists a fee for entering its territory, be it overnight, hotel and VAT taxes.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is one of those European cities levying tourism fees, next to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Venice, Dortmund, Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Milan, Florence, Naples and many others in France, Switzerland and more.

However, hotels in the capital, Bucharest, charge a tax of only… 1% of the room rate, while other big Romanian cities charge a city tax, and mountain and sea towns charge a rescue tax.

The ranking is topped by Amsterdam, which has just decided to increase the tax per night on homeshare stays to 10% amid growing number of tourists. The move is an attempt to ease down the tourism suffocating trend in the city following the locals’ complaints.

Amsterdam will charge a flat fee of EUR 3 per person, per night for any visitor staying in a hotel, as of January 2020, on top of the existing 7% hotel tax per room, up from 2018’s 6% (3% outside of the city center).

Dortmund, Germany 7.5%
Amsterdam, Netherlands 7%
Rotterdam, Netherlands 6.5%
Berlin, Germany 5%
Bonn, Germany 5%
Bremen, Germany 5%
Budapest, Hungary 4%
Vienna, Austria 3.2%
Bucharest, Romania 1%

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