Romania, more and more appealing to the Polish tourists


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More and more Polish tourists are interested in the Romanian travel destinations. Over 170,000 Poles visited Romania last year. Romania has been partner country attending the 24th edition of the Tourism Fair in Warsaw this year, a good opportunity to display more attractions to the potential Polish travellers.

Destinations such as Transfagarasan and Transalpina alpine roads, Maramures (northern Romania) and Gorj county were the main show places for the Poles, who are now ranking 9th in the top of the tourists visiting Romania.

Besides traditional dishes, woodcraft decorations and traditional folk costume, the Romanian stall in Warsaw also promoted cultural and adventure circuits. The cultural circuits posted a 33% rise.

“In 2014 there were about 120,000 Polish tourists attracted by Romania, but in 2015 we recorded more than 170,000. That means that the figures will double in the upcoming two or three years. The Polish tourists have a high appetite for adventure tourism and cultural tourism,” said Anca Nedea, president of the National Authority for Tourism.

“Romania is at hand, because it’s close to Poland, if we refer to European tourists,” said Romania’s ambassador in Poland, Ovidiu Dranga.

“Romania is an interesting country due to its mountains, seaside, the cultural inheritance, has a lot of wooden churches. Romanians are friendly, they help you,” a Polish visiting the fair told Digi24.

Besides, the prices of the touristic packages are half the prices in rural areas in Germany, for instance, with the difference counting EUR 300.

Moreover, Romania could lure foreign tourists from other western countries who come to visit Warsaw, which is 2 hours away by plane from Romania.

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