Romanian Gen Z-ers want to travel the world – Where are they going?


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Gen Z-ers want to travel the world and have as many experiences as possible, and some studies show that a lot of them even want to become travel influencers, says a study surveying Gen Z-ers* from Romania, Spain, Germany, the UK, France, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

According to’s data, Romanian Gen Z-ers are looking at destinations that are closer to home, choosing to travel to Italy, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Portugal. These are similar to their conationals’, regardless of age, with slight shifts in the order of preference (and Ireland replacing Austria in latter’s top 10).

In some countries, Gen Z-ers seem to be looking at more faraway destinations: in Germany, top 10 countries include Thailand, Colombia, and Indonesia. Those in countries closer to Romania, such as Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic, have very similar preferences to Romanians. The most booked cities on by Romanian Gen Z are London, Milan, Brussels, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Vienna, Dublin and Eindhoven.

It seems that they are also very good at saving on their tickets – the average price paid on for their tickets is the second lowest in the countries surveyed, at 113 euros (with those from Poland paying the least 99 euros, on average). This means that they paid, on average, 12% less than the country average, which sits at 128 euros.

Romanian Gen Z-ers are also the most daring of the cohort, booking flights 34 days in advance, on average, making them the ones who booked the latest before their flights. On the other end sit Czech Republic’s Gen Z, who book, on average, 44 days in advance. That is also the case for other age groups as well, with Romanians booking, on average, 36 days in advance, while the Czech plan ahead, booking their trips 52 days before departure date.

When it comes to last-minute trips, 15% of Romanian Gen Z-ers booked up to 3 days before departure, coming in second after the UK, with 16%. For 2023 so far, Romanians in general come in second when buying last-minute flights (14%), after France, with 16%.

They also excel at mobility – of the 8 countries surveyed, Romanian Gen Z-ers topped the charts at booking flights on from mobile devices, with 66% of them doing so, surpassing the other countries by at least 10%. They stand higher than the Romanian average, at 62% using tablets or smartphones to book their tickets.



*Based on data from, for bookings made in 2023 to travel anytime. Gen Z data refers to bookings made by those born between 1997 and 2005.


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