Romanian Halloween Getaways


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With Halloween gaining popularity in Romania, many Romanians now take the holiday seriously and celebrate it in their unique way. Romanian travel habits shift based on destination accessibility and the time of year, and the influence of American culture is becoming more prevalent in the country. A travel-tech company took a look into travelers’ preferences during the Halloween season and discovered unique experiences awaiting those who choose to explore destinations using the platform.

Who is coming to Romania for Halloween

When it comes to visiting Bucharest from various corners of the world, the city certainly receives its fair share of guests. Most of them come from London, Paris, Milan, Brussels, and Vienna. Moreover, Bucharest is the preferred destination for 59.2% of all those who visit Romanian lands. Iași, with 14.4% of visitors, remains a beloved option for those seeking authentic experiences.

For those visiting Bucharest for Halloween, the city offers a variety of unique experiences. Tourists can discover the beauty and history of the “Little Paris”, with charming streets and impressive architecture, whether they come from abroad or other cities in Romania. What’s more, just a few hours away, tourists can have an authentic Halloween experience right at the hottest spot of horror—Bran Castle. This legendary destination awaits exploration, providing a chilling atmosphere and legends wrapped in mystery.

Romanians’ Halloween Destinations

Regarding Romanians’ traveling preferences in the upcoming period, data shows that the most popular destinations are London, Milan, and Paris. The rest have opted for destinations like Rome, Brussels, Barcelona, or Venice. As for Romanians who want to explore the world, the numbers reveal that their preferred travel destinations are Italy (20%), Spain (12%), and the United Kingdom (11%). The weekend leading up to Halloween is a special moment, as the most popular day for trips booked through is Friday, October 27th.

But let’s take a look at what Romanian tourists can do in the top-ranked Halloween destinations:

In Italy, there are numerous places and experiences that can serve as Halloween destinations. Brancaleone Castle, in southeastern Italy, near the Adriatic Sea coast, and Bologna’s Two Towers, in the north of the country, provide the perfect atmosphere for nighttime tours and themed events in historical settings. Venice, with its dark canals and ancient buildings, can create a mysterious ambiance for the holiday. Sicily, with its rich history of myths and legends, offers opportunities to explore these stories during Halloween. Additionally, ghost tours, the catacombs in Rome, and local festivals complete the options for intriguing and captivating Halloween experiences in Italy.

In Spain, there are various options for Halloween destinations. Castle Colomares in Benalmádena, with its eccentric architecture, serves as a suitable location for themed events and mysterious evenings. Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, with its narrow, dark streets, can create a spooky atmosphere for visitors. Near Madrid, the Valley of the Fallen, a massive monument and mausoleum, can provide an intriguing nighttime ambiance. Moreover, many Spanish cities host Halloween festivals with parades, costumes, and music. Ghost tours and themed routes are also available for those wishing to explore ghost stories and haunted places.

In the UK, you have plenty of cool options to celebrate Halloween in a unique style. If you’re a fan of history and mystery, you shouldn’t miss out on Edinburgh Castle and the Tower of London, where you’ll enjoy themed evenings with ghost stories. If you’re looking for some fun, Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire hosts special events with haunted houses and entertaining shows. Guided city walks will take you into the world of local legends, and Warwick Castle in Warwickshire welcomes you with Halloween events suitable for the whole family. For the brave souls, haunted houses like Borley Rectory in Essex add an extra dose of adventure. Festivals, parades, and guided tours complete this relaxed and enjoyable holiday. So, your Halloween in the UK can truly be memorable.

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