Romanian painted streets voted the most beautiful in the world

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Xenophon Street, the only street with steps in Bucharest, was painted by artist Eva Radu in 2014, so the steps were embellished with the image of the most important buildings in Bucharest. Painter Eva Radu colored Street Xenophon in seven days within the socio-cultural project ‘Bucharest on scale’ promoted by the Initiative Agency.

Strada Xenofon_ici-colo.ro_DSC_0190_1Romania has recently ranked first on street painting in a top made by a site that promotes street art, before countries such as Turkey, Italy, Spain, Chile and Korea. Tourists included Xenophon, the only stepped street in the capital, on the list of places to visit, last year, when the artist Eva Radu painted it for the first time. As Xenophon Street’ painting, which is visited by dozens of tourists, has deteriorated, the project initiators will do a remake these days. Instead of the eight representative buildings for Bucharest, a beautiful waterfall peeped, surrounded by greenery. ’Waterfall means freedom, freshness, means being open-minded. A gentleman told me that since I painted this street-cascade, this place seems more refreshing’, Eva told ProTv.

The artistic work will be finished by the end of this week and will be admired by all who pass by this street, which leads to the highest point in Bucharest, the Filaret Hill. Though there are 70 steps to climb, thanks to the beauty of the painting, undoubtedly, no one will feel the effort.

Xenophon Street, located near Carol Park in Bucharest, was voted as the second most beautiful stepped street in the world. Another local attraction, Rakozi Street in Targu Mures, painted by the local students last year, ranked first and is considered historical monument.

The classification gathers stairs in Ankara, Turkey, ‘The Wolf and the Girl’ in Ottawa, stairs that lead to Musical Theater in Seoul, South Korea, but the also the stairs from a library in Venice, Italy.

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