Romanian travel bloggers declare Țara Făgărașului as the tourist destination of the year

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Țara Făgărașului is more and more popular among travelers, being declared the Tourist Destination of 2020 in Romania.

A unique spot at the heart of Romania, only 200 km away from Bucharest, Țara Făgărașului distinguishes itself through its historical and cultural richness, being the ideal city-break destination, Romanian travel bloggers opined during the first info trip in the area this year.

The trip in the land hosted by the Fagaras Mountains on the right of Olt River included a visit to the Cave Monastery from Șinca Veche, an encounter with the folk band from Șinca Nouă, a workshop of bread baking in a wood stove at Noul Român and a tour to the recently refurbished Făgăraș Fortress, but also to the Dowry Museum and Workshop Mândra Chic.

At the end of the journey, the bloggers fell in love with the local sights, people and traditions.

There is a clear trend of travelers around the world to visit less known spots in their countries.

This trend is also noticeable in Romania, Romanians are interested in knowing their country, searching for hidden pearls, those less known realms, traditions and experiences that are truly memorable.

Țara Făgărașului is such a place, it is truly the Destination of 2020 in Romania. It is a region with proud traditions, spectacular mountains, unforgettable views, special cuisine and plenty of experiences at hand”, said Cezar Dumitru, Imperator Travel blogger.

“The Tourist Destination of the Year” is granted to a fairy tale like land, promoted by ADI Țara Făgărașului, a NGO promoting the tourism in the region.

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