Romanians’ favorite travel destinations on Easter this year

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Big European cities remain the Romanians’ favorite travel destinations, at least for their upcoming Easter holiday.

Rome and Barcelona are topping their preferences, reads statistics by, but Romanians will also head to Istanbul, London, Amsterdam, Vienna or Lisbon.

While interest for the Russian capital Moscow is on decline this year, although it ranked 4th in the favorite locations last year, other brand new spots are getting the Romanian tourists’ attention, such as Lisbon or Vienna.

As for the cost of the flights, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Lisbon top among the ten most expensive this year, with prices ranging from EUR 196 to EUR 210.

The study reveals that in 2019, the average price of a return trip to Rome for instance stands at EUR 120, 27% more expensive than last year, while the flight to Barcelona is more expensive by 43% in 2019 as against 2018, standing at EUR 204.

At the opposite side, the cheapest flights are to Milan (EUR 99) and Vienna (EUR 102). As a matter of fact, amongst the most popular travel destinations for Easter this year, Vienna is the only one that enjoyed significant price cuts in 2019, as the previous year, down by 33%.

In terms of accommodation, the most sought after destinations this year on Easter is Puerto de la Cruz, northern Tenerife, followed by Istanbul and Pamukkale.

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