Romanians’ Summer Vacations: Budgets Up 40% Compared to 2023, Study Says


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3 out of 4 Romanians plan to go on vacation in the next three months, according to the MKOR study “Tourism Market – Summer Vacation 2024.” First conducted in 2017, the study provides valuable insights into Romanians’ travel trends and preferences.

Interest in summer vacations is comparable to 2017, with July (33%) and August (37%) remaining the preferred months for holidays. Both local and international destinations are equally popular, reflecting a desire to explore a variety of attractions.

The interest in summer vacations is similar to that of 2017, and the months of July (33%) and August (37%) remain Romanians’ favorites for holidays. Local destinations are as sought after as international destinations, reflecting the desire to explore both local and international attractions. Although 20% of Romanians state that they go on vacation less often than once a year, for financial reasons, the majority consider vacations a priority and plan their vacations to enjoy memorable experiences with their loved ones.

Preferred destinations and criteria for choosing them

Romanians are conservative in their choice of holiday destinations: 6 out of 10 respondents choose to return to locations they have visited before, with an average of 3 visits to the same destination. Generations Z and X are distinguished by a more pronounced tendency to explore new destinations. This summer, Romanians will travel both in the country and abroad. The Romanian coast attracts almost half of those who choose to stay in the country (44%), especially Constanța and Mamaia.

Urban tourism is an option for 1 in 5 respondents, and areas with traditional characteristics, such as Bucovina and Moldova, are sought after by 14% of Romanians. The mountain attracts only 10% of tourists.

Among international destinations, Greece continues to be the most sought after (31%), followed by Bulgaria (16%), Italy (14%) and Turkey (13%).

Sightseeing is the most important criterion in choosing a holiday destination for 1 in 4 respondents. The top is completed by price (18%), landscape and clean air (15%), and child-friendly destination (10%).

The periods chosen and the company

The preferred months for summer holidays are July (33%) and August (38%), with the peak season being concentrated in these periods. Parents plan their vacations around their children’s school holidays and opt more for the beginning or end of summer.

Vacations of a maximum of one week (4-7 days) are preferred by 60% of respondents. Circuits are becoming more and more popular, 3 out of 10 Romanian tourists plan stays of 8-14 days.

Most Romanians travel in small groups: 45% will go on vacation with another person, and 21% choose to travel in groups of three.

Romanians’ budgets for the summer vacation 2024

The average budget allocated for this year’s summer vacation is around 1,000 euros, similar to the summer of 2017. However, 4 out of 10 respondents estimate that they will spend more than this amount on their planned vacation. People between the ages of 28-43, men and residents of the central and western parts of the country tend to allocate larger budgets for the holiday. The share of those who allocated a larger budget for the summer vacation in 2024, compared to last year, increased compared to 2017. Thus, 43% of respondents (compared to 32% in 2017) estimate an increase in the budget compared to last year , with an average increase of 40%.

“The MKOR study highlights Romanians’ preferences and trends for summer vacations from 2024. When planning their stay, Romanians look for a balance between cultural experiences, relaxation and practical considerations such as the budget. They are willing to break from their daily routine for at least a week, to spend in the company of family or a small group of people in familiar locations. I’m glad to see that there is this trend of prioritizing moments of relaxation and investing in them, which suggests that vacations are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for our emotional and physical well-being,” said Cori Cimpoca, founder of MKOR .

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