Romanians to be able to travel to Greece as of mid-April. The state to issue certificates for the vaccinated tourists

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Greece will open for the EU tourists, including from Romania as of mid-April, the Greek minister of Tourism, Charis Theocharis, told a press conference in Romania on Friday.

Initially, Greece had announced that borders will be opened for tourists starting May 14 if the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic allows it.

Till that date, Greece intends to gradually lift restrictions.

“For tourists coming from the EU, including for Romanians, Greece will open sometime in mid-April, before the Easter holidays. We know our country is a destination preferred for these holidays. In order for tourists to come to Greece, they must a negative Covid test, or to be vaccinated, or to have already had the infections”, said minister Charis Theocharis.

The visit of the Greek minister of Tourism came upon the invitation of his Romanian counterpart, Claudiu Năsui, minister of Economy, Business Environment and Tourism.

In his turn, Nasui announced that the Romanian state will issue certificates for the Romanians who had got vaccinated against Covid and who want to travel in Greece.

The talks are to have some documents mutually recognized, and the key words must also be in English, such as “positive’, “negative”, for instance. The discussion is to have the bilateral recognition of these certificates. A final decision will be taken in a Government sitting”.

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