Romania’s epic scenery shot by drone featured in the foreign media

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Romania’s epic scenery shot by drone has been recently featured in the Daily Mail after Radio Free Europe photographer Amos Chapple had toured our country.

Breathtaking images of the iconic Carpathian Mountains, ancient fortified churches, fortresses and castles, bucolic countryside regions, Bucharest’s sights, amazing statues and bridges on the impressive River of Danube, or little glimpses of the main city on the Black Sea coast, they are all summing up “the romance of Romania”, as the photographer puts it.

New Zealand-based Amos Chapple has paid a recent trip to Romania, impressed by the country’s “huge” size, but also disappointed by the “rough” roads that were so often prompting “an enormous amount of time behind the wheel“. Yet, the photographer went ahead to capture as many natural and man-made beauties as possible, rarely having time “to check in to a hotel or stop for a meal”.

He said he had been mostly touched by “a giant rock structure surrounded by woodland in eastern Transylvania.”

From the already famous Dracula’s Bran Castle or Peles Castle, to the mountain and countryside outstanding landscapes, to the Romanian Dacian King Decebalus’ massive unique statue carved in stone supervising the old river Danube, the virtual traveler’s eye won’t be disappointed…not at all…we would say.

But you’d better have a look for yourselves in the original story.

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