Sky Tower – the tallest building in Romania, 137 meters over the Bucharest


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Sky Tower Bucharest is the tallest building in Romania, counting 36 floors and 137 meters height. The Sky Tower is located between two of Bucharest’s important arterial roads, Calea Floreasca and Barbu V?c?rescu Street. The building has 10 high-speed elevators, and each floor has an area of ??1,150 square meters.

The landscape is extraordinary from above the 34th floor, where visitors have access. If you are a tourist this is a very good choice to admire Bucharest from all its corners. There are panoramic telescopes which will give you the opportunity to look for a certain area or a place in Bucharest.

Sky Tower building is impressive not only by size but also by the way it was erected. The building has been finalized in record time; it took only five days per floor. Sky Tower became a landmark for the north area of Romania’s capital. To build the giant office building 50,000 cubic meters of concrete and 8,300 tons of steel were used.

Except the fact it’s the tallest building in Romania, Sky Tower is the only building which uses BMS (Building Management System) which provides energy efficiency over the entire surface. The advantage of this system is to reduce maintenance costs by 30 percent. The building is also one of the safest in case of earthquake, is designed to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 9 degrees on Richter scale.

Sky Tower is open to visitors every Friday till the end of September between 11:00 to 6:00 p.m.

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