Slanic Spa Resort, the Pearl of Moldavia

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Known as a spa resort, Slanic-Moldova is located on the eastern side of the Carpathians (Nemira Massif) 530 m altitude, on Slanic Valley. Also known as Baile Slanic Moldova, the spa resort is highly appreciated for its springs discovered here since 1801.

Slanic is first mentioned in an official document around 17th century but its true natural value — the healing mineral springs — was discovered in 1801 by Mihalache Spiridon, a landlord from Trotus area who was hunting in the forests of Nemira Mountains. He noticed water springing between two rocks leaving a yellowish trace behind. He took a sample and gave it to the chemists of the time to analyze it. The discoveries showed the water in Slanic had the same qualities as the one used in Western Europe ‘to heal illness’. Trying to build an access road through the woods, he discovered 5 more springs which turned to have healing properties. Meanwhile, other 14 springs were captured and set up, containing extremely efficient carbonated, bicarbonate, slightly sulphureous, chlorine, salty, hyper-tonic, hypo-tonic waters.

The uniqueness of this resort is that a relatively small area comprises a great number of springs. The quality and the therapeutic value of these waters create a high touristic potential for this spa resort.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of Moldavia”, Slanic Moldova guarantees treatment for the following: various digestive disorders, metabolic and nutritional affections, biliary or kidney disease. Mineral waters comfort rheumatism, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Slanic Moldova is one of the most famous resorts, which certainly deserves to be visited, experts comparing its mineral waters with those of international resorts such as Vichy, Aix-les-Bains or Karlovy Vary.

Slanic spring waters got gold and silver medals at the International Balneology Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main, in 1881, the specialized Exhibition in Vienna in 1883 and a top recognition at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900.

teleschi-partia-slanic-moldovaDuring winter season, tourists can also go skiing on the Ski Slope of Slanic Moldova located in Nemira Mountains which has a length of more than 1,400 meters and is equipped with cable transportation, artificial snow installation and nocturnal lightning.

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