Tamina Waterfall, the most spectacular in Brasov to be revamped

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Tamina Waterfall is a sequence of five waterfalls, located in Piatra Mare Valley, Carpathians, at 1,100 meters altitude. The largest of the five waterfalls has a height of 10 meters.

fes4Tamina Waterfall, the most spectacular in Brasov, will be rehabilitated and placed into the tourist circuit. It can be accessed now, but the road is almost totally destroyed and is accessible only to tourists who have experience in trekking and have special climbing equipment. Rehabilitation will be made by the Administration of Sacele Forests who also revived the 7 Stairs Canyon, unique in Eastern Europe.

The rehabilitation project at Tamina Falls comprises chain suspension bridges made of galvanized steel, but also an area where tourists can admire the view.

The access to Tamina is possible through DN1 to Timisul de Sus. Once at the barrier you must follow the blue trail. The road takes about an hour and you must have hiking boots.

Though these waterfalls are not as spectacular as those of 7 Stairs Canyon, the scenery is breathtaking. The area was also called Ursarie, as bears can be seen in the area ​.

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