Tarnita Lake, a highly appreciated tourist area


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Located between the villages Rasca, Marisel and Gilau,  on the west side of Cluj County, Tarnita Lake has an area of approximately 215 meters, 8 kilometers length and a maximum 70 meters depth, being one of the most popular tourist areas in Cluj County . The lake has formed following the construction of Tarnita Dam in 1974.

The arched built dam, with a 237 meters cornice length and 97 meters height, was aimed at producing electricity. Like any other mountain, Tarnita Lake has also developed a rich fauna.

This lake is a popular place, especially for fishermen. You can fish from shore or by boat, due to the fact that in 2008 Tarnita Lake was declared navigable. Fishing on Lake Tarnita is allowed only with license.

Lake Tarnita has a triple role. Originally it was built to produce electricity, but the water from the lake was used for feeding Gilau and Cluj-Napoca and the dam has also an important role in stopping the floods. At the same time, the lake is the main source of water supply for Gilau plant that provides drinking and industrial water for Cluj Napoca and other places in Cluj County.

There are many legends about this lake, talking about descendants of the Loch Ness Monster, huge hucks that attack the ones who disturb the lake’s waters. Some say that after the construction of the dam, Ceausescu would have populated the waters with huge fish (lostrite) to ‘keep’ the curious away.  The maximum depth of the lake is 70 meters. The existence of the ‘Lostrita’ on Tarnita Lake has not been confirmed when the lake was drained for improvement works.

Above all, the lake is a delightful destination that attracts tourists with its beautiful landscape. The area offers many possibilities for accommodation, being an important recreation point.

The main activities are fishing on the lake, water skiing, swimming, boat or Jet Ski.

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