The Danube Delta, now available for scouting on Google Maps

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Starting this week, the Danube Delta is available in Street View on Google Maps, and can be virtually toured by any person in the world, only through an Internet connection. Overall, 1,500 kilometers of roads and waterways are covered.

The Danube Delta’s presentation includes lakes, waterways, channels covered by vegetation, birds and flowers, local architecture and the villages surrounded by water.

A virtual explorer can admire pelicans that take off to Trofilca Channel, which is a small waterway slithering through a flooded forest, swamps and lakes. The viewer can also take a walk on the Sontea channel, amid wild grapevine, underneath the willows that are hanging over the Radacinos channel, creating a spectacular vegetation tunnel. More clicks over there the landscape is changing: a lake of water lilies, pelicans and egrets. The bird lover can see cormorants feeding themselves on Puiu Lake or can rush off to the Sacalin Lagoon. Ashore he can explore the traditional architecture of the Delta in Letea village or he can walk down the narrow streets of Mila 23. At the end, he can relax on the wild beach in St. Gheorghe or he can have a panoramic view from the top of the old lighthouse in Sulina”, Google Romania describes the virtual journey through the Danube Delta.

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta, a UNESCO site, internationally protected, shelters over 5,000 species of animals and plants, over 300 species of birds, most of them with protected status, the largest colony of pelicans and the widest compact area of reeds in Europe.

The Danube Delta is also known for its underwater dinosaurs, sturgeons, which are the largest freshwater fish in the world.

Due to the unsustainable exploitation of the resources in the delta, the freshwater species are the most affected ones, the decline amounting to 81%, which is more than double as against the sea and land species.

The project of putting the Danube Delta on Google Maps has been achieved by Google Romania together with World Wildlife Fund WWF Romania, that has toured the Delta and photographed the places with the help of Google technology stored in Trekker, a device used into the unavailable spots for cars or bikes. The WWF Romania has carried the Trekker device on bicycle, on boat or carriage with the help of the locals.

At the same time, taking over the Street View images from the Danube delta has been also possible with the support of Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

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