The first hotel in Romania that accepts the Bitcoin payment

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Transalpina is the highest and most spectacular road in Romania, reaching an altitude of 2,145m at Urdelor mountain pass. Also known as the King’s Road, Transalpina is getting through five counties: Alba, Sibiu, Hunedoara, Vâlcea and Gorj, also crossing Parâng Mountains from North to South. Located between Olt Valley and Jiu Valley, Transalpina is linking Sebes town from Alba county to Novaci locality in Gorj county.

Transalpina is also hosting various fairytale-like touristic sights, such Polovragi Monastery and Cave (in Căpățâna mountains), Muierilor Cave (the first electrified cave in Romania), Rânca (the most popular mountain resort of Transalpina), Gâlcescu Lake (the largest glacier lake in Parâng Mountains), Oasa Lake and its epic views or Frumoasei Valley.

Transalpina alpine road will open for tourists as of May 31, but if the weather is fine, it might be opened sooner.

However, accommodation units and restaurants are pretty scarce, but one of the fewest here is Hotelul Popasul Regelui Transalpina, a 3-star hotel, with 50-seat capacity and a 160-seat restaurant, located less than 50m from Bistra Lake, and near the famous Stana lu’Ion, sought after for its Romanian traditional dishes.

Moreover, the hotel is the first one in Romania to allow tourist to pay with Bitcoin for the accommodation and meal services.

I understood that people have the freedom to choose and moreover, that they need options to choose what is representative for them. If in the past there was only the cash payment, then by card, today more and more people would like to pay using Bitcoin. I was surprised by the growing requests in this respect, especially from foreign tourists. We decided that, starting this season, all tourist can pay through Bitcoin,” said Traian Cornea, Popasul Regelui Transalpina hotel manager.

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