The giant Sequoia trees adopted on Romanian soil

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Did you know that some exemplars of the giant Sequoia trees can also be found in Romania? The giant sequoia usually grows in the forests of Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, at an altitude of over 2,000 meters.

A Sequoia tree has been standing at the foot of Vladeasa Massif, about 70 kilometers away from Cluj-Napoca, for almost a century, luring numerous tourists on annual basis.

Five kilometers away from the Săcuieu village, the impressive sequoia is keeping a close eye on the surroundings. There is actually a Sequoia reservation located on Dealu Domnului, between Săcuieu commune and Rogojel village.

Sequoia Sacuieu-Rogojel

The legend says that it was planted by a landowner, Ioan Gul, a boyar as it was called in Romania back then, in early 20th century. Some others say that it was baron Gul Silvestru, planted the tree, which is measuring over 40 meters today.


Another sequoia tree can be traced in Măderat village in Arad. Locals say that baron Dietrich Jozsef, owner of a vineyard in this area, brought three giant sequoia young plants from California in 1845 and planted them on Dealul Mare, near Măderat. Although the soil here is only 2 meters deep and a sequoia needs a 10-meter deep soil, all three baby trees have adjusted very well. They grew up normally, but several years ago one of them was hit by lightning and withered. However, the other two are fine, reaching about 35 meters in height and 5 meters in width. Four persons can hardly embrace it.


Another giant sequoia found shelter at Baile Herculane on Cernei Valley, thus proving it can also develop at less higher altitudes (only 160 meters). Being on the same parallel with Nice or Venice, the giant tree is growing in a Mediterranean climate. The sequoia in Baile Herculane is shorter, measuring 30 meters high and having a 1.50-meter diameter. It was declared monument of nature.


And finally, more other sequoia trees are rejoined in Oradea. There are tree giant sequoias in a park near School no.14. They are over 100 years old, while their height varies from 19 to 22 meters and the diameters range from 64 to 90 centimeters. The three giants will be included in the city’s touristic circuit.

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